Hardest of Times

Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day for Nathan (also known as my hubby). It has been very stressful for both his parents, and all the other siblings to uncle Dave. Having to see someone so young go through this, is very upsetting.

His uncle Dave will be taken off life support. He last week had an aneurysm and has been on life support since. I know that Nathan has been dealing with this in his own way, and I also know that he wishes that we lived closer so he could say goodbye.

I only met a couple of times the first being at Gina’s wedding, the second was a bit later on either in that year or the following one. Nathan’s uncle seemed to me to be a very easy going, loving of life type of guy. Easy to talk to and probably would have seen ourselves drinking a beer with him while BBQing.

We all would like to think we will live a long a healthy life, even though sometimes a higher being has other plans for us. I know one day we will all see each other again. Until then we will think of all the good times we had with the person we are all losing tomorrow.

Nathan has a lot of memories that I hope he will want to share with me so he can properly mourn the loss, as I know all of his family will be doing. I will do my best to be there for them all.

I know how it is to lose uncles, an aunt, a grand-parent. I have been through all of that. I know how it is to think about them and have all the memories flood through you and bring tears to your eyes and yet wonder why they were taken from us so soon? I know how certain smells and sounds trigger those memories of thing you did with them.

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend, which makes it even more sad, Nathan and his family have a loss to deal with and try to understand why this happened.  Though I will be thankful that I have him and his family in my life and thankful for all the things that we have. I will be thinking of all of them while they go through this time of sorrow.




New Year Means New Things

I am really bad at keep up on posting on here. I might have to change that soon and maybe start a dieting food blog for eat day that I have been on this new diet and exercise routine.

Day one of our exercise and diet, we have to use color coded portion cups and are only allowed so many of each of these cups per day. Plus we not only get the 3 basic meals; breakfast. lunch and dinner; but we get snacks in between each meal and before bedtime.

Day one:

Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon was my breakfast of choice for the first day of my diet.


For my first snack I had peanut butter with celery sticks(sorry no pic of that).

Lunch this day was a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, tomato, mustard and extra lean pastrami(yet again no pic, cause I forgot to do that.)

Second snack was yogurt and apple slices….very yummy and healthy I would say.


The very first exercise that my hubby and I did was the Total Body Cardio Fix a part of our 21 Day Fix new routine. I was ready and pretty much figured that I would be feeling the pain later on that day or even the next few days.


Dinner for this very first day of exercising was chicken salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.


The snack for later on was some mixed fresh fruit and pecans. Yet again I didn’t think to take a pic because I was exhausted from the work out that we got earlier.

Water oh my goodness do you ever drink a lot of water during this diet. Every day I drink at least 64 oz water and I hate that I do not have a bathroom down stairs, because there have been days so far that my legs have not wanted to take me to where I wanted to go.


Day 2 of the diet

This time I got to have a bit of fresh fruit in my oatmeal with honey a cinnamon for my breakfast, which was very filling and of course water. With this new diet my hubby and I are both eating nothing but fresh fruits and veggies, very lean meats, whole grains, nut and seeds, cheese, yogurt, eggs and spices. Nothing processed or refined. Just raw or fresh food. there have been moments where we both have been craving junk but we both tell each other that we are trying to lose weight and trying to feel better. Of course my other half gets a cold and has to share, but that is life.

Snack one for day 2 was skipped due to me feeling very sick to my stomach after a really rough work out. So I ended up combining it with my lunch and made a whole wheat wrap with mustard, lettuce, cheese, tomato, extra lean pastrami and scrambled egg. It was very tasty and really filling. Sorry if I don’t have a lot of pics, I honestly tend to forget to take them, was not even thinking about doing a food blag with my diet foods.

My afternoon snack was just an apple, nothing too fantastic, but was just as great. When my hubby came home from work he and I both did the work out that I had done earlier and failed horribly at. This time it was easier, maybe because he was there to help me through it.

For dinner we had wilted kale and mushroom over a bed of spinach, cucumber and yellow pepper salad and grilled spiced pork loin over top. I think we have been doing a lot of grilled food as of lately.


The snack later on was yogurt and raw sunflower seeds. I mixed the seeds in the yogurt for a little extra flavor and texture. And of course the 64 oz of water that I had over the whole day.

to be continued later……

My New Adventures


So recently (in the past 3 months) my hubby and I have been preparing ourselves, for yet again another move, but for the longest time we didn’t know where. Since it was his job taking us to a new place that we may not of ever heard of before or been to. The most stressful part about it was having to give notice to our landlady (which she turned out to be a piece of work, cause she refused to give us back any money she owed us), plus packing up everything and all the wonders of where we were going and not being able to plan the move properly (being that I am a bit OCD when it comes to planning and executing a move that can be as big as it was).


When it came down to the last few weeks, we were harassed constantly about the oil tank and if it was full(which it was, since we had been burning the wood in the wood stove). What really stressed me out was the thought of leaving all our family and friends behind, moving up to god only knows where. When I had found out our definite area of which we were moving to the fun now had to begin. Made several calls to a town called Chapleau, Ontario to find a home for my family to move into, which was feeling pretty defeated by the end of the day until a pastor called and told me that he had a place for us to move into. So now that we have a place to live now time to plan how much money it will take and book the truck.


When the day came to get the truck I was feeling very nervous and sad at the same time. I knew that we had to load the truck up and also clean the house up, because we were having both families coming over for an early Christmas dinner and gift exchange. I at this point of time was having major anxiety attacks over thinking about the move to Chapleau. So when the family came over I was very overwhelmed and wishing we didn’t have to go so far away specially 1 week before Christmas.


For the beginning month of December I was feeling anxious, depressed and angry. One for the idea that we had to move in the first place, two for the not being able to spend Christmas down south with the family and thirdly not being able to decorate the house our home in the festivities of the season. The idea of going off into unfamiliar territory scared the crap out of me.


Once we started on the road the following day, it started out not too bad, the cats had been given their sedation meds and the dogs were loaded up, we also did one more look through the house to make sure we didn’t miss anything. When we turned onto highway 62 going north we ran into some light snow on the road, the further north we went the worst the snow got. When we got to a little place called L’Amable just outside of Bancroft we hit a white out blizzard. I could barely see my hubby driving the moving truck a foot in from of me. It got to be very scary driving through there, but we made out and up to Bancroft, that was where we made our first stop. The cats had not fallen asleep yet and the meds seem to take a long time to kick in. We got coffee, tea and food. Then we continued on our journey up highway 28 to get onto highway 118, those roads were both snow covered and very hilly and corners every hill. I thought at one point the car was not going to make it up the hills, the tires would just spin and no matter what gear I put the car into the speedometer needle was up and down, just from the tires spinning.


When we reached highway 35 we stopped to let the dogs out to stretch their legs and do their business. We continued on and as we got between Dorset and Huntsville, the moving truck was starting to misbehave. So we pulled off to the side of the road and I called the company that we rented the truck from, they sent a tech out to look it over and said it would take 60 minutes. One hour and forty minutes later the tech shows up to look over the truck to find it wasn’t leaking fluids, just that the fluids in the truck were very low, so he filled them and we continued on our way.


When we got to Huntsville and stopped for lunch and gas, plus got a couple of jugs of washer fluid since I was driving behind the truck I was using the wipers like crazy. When we got on highway 11 the road was like driving on highway 401 in southern Ontario and it was clear, so we were able to make up some time that we were behind on. Huntsville was a really nice city from what I saw of it. We didn’t do much touristy things. When we got to North Bay we didn’t need to stop as we had lots of gas still. So we kept going on so we could still make up even more time. At this time the cats were out cold and the dogs were napping, plus I ended up having my son in the car with me and he was playing the navigator for me. Highway 11 seem to go on for a very long time and we did eventually stop just before we got to highway 101 for gas and a bathroom break. By this time it was dark out and we couldn’t see a lot of scenery.


It really didn’t take us long to get to Timmins and it was a big city that had everything that we figured a city of its size would have. Too bad we still had another 2 hours of driving before we got to Chapleau though. When we finally arrived to our home in Chapleau we were tired and so happy to have made it there. The drive on highway 101 was very tiring and dull with lots of moose warning signs, which we never came across any along the travels. Our new landlord met us at our new home and let us in, then his two sons helped us unload the big heavy furniture out of the truck. It was very late when we got to bed, but boy were we happy to be home and in our cold comfy beds.


The next day we unloaded the boxes from the truck and started to sort them out and unpack them as well. The following day (Monday before Christmas) we drove the moving truck up to Marathon. the journey from Chapleau to Marathon had a very scenic views of rolling hills and rock faces with cascading frozen ice formations. Lots of evergreens everywhere. Wawa was where all these nice scenes were and a massive lake. The drive on highway 17 was not as pretty or scenic. I got to see where my hubby was staying when he was posted in White River and there really wasn’t much to see in Marathon either.


I am looking forward to exploring the areas more in the spring, since the winters here are cold and snowy. Next week I will be registering my son for his new school and filling out paperwork to start volunteering. Well I think this blog is long enough for one night. Will post more things in the New Year.

Another Gardening Season Coming to an End

As another gardening season comes to a fast ending, I like to reflect on how things went this past summer.

Even though this year we did not go on a big family excursion, we did however explore places that I use to explore with my parents when I was a young lady. We went to the Crow River Bridge Conservation, I hadn’t been there for at least 18 years and to me it has not changed one bit. So many memories there, plus well some new ones made with my son Lucas and partner Nathan. We went to another place I use to go to as well called Booster Park. We had many good times this past summer.IMG_6606

My son is currently going to a school I use to attend when I was his age. He doesn’t like school much, but I think it has something to do with him having a hard time with other kids. Now I do not promote violence, not one bit, but when the teachers, or principal will not do anything about the other children pushing my son around, I will teach my son that there is a time to stand up for himself and defend himself from the bullies that will not leave him be. I have many times asked the teachers and principals to discipline the other children for pushing my son around, or scratching him or even punching him in the face, but they always say the same thing, that they didn’t see it and there is nothing that they can do. My son came home one day not too long ago with a red welt on his face, from another child punching him in the face, just because he touched their shoulder. Now I know my son is not always innocent and can try a persons patience, but for this other boy to punch another boy just because he was touched on the shoulder, makes me wonder what his parents would say if I were to go to their place and talk to them about how their child is being a little jerk to other kids, whether it be on the bus or at school, does not matter.


So back to the end of another gardening year. We have been blessed again with a bountiful garden. We have at least 50 pounds of potatoes, plus at least 20 pounds of onions that should hopefully get us through a good part of the winter. We also managed to can up our own pasta sauce with the over abundance of tomatoes we got this year. We did not get any cucumbers as I think the lack of bees didn’t help with that. I saw very few of them out here and thought that it was strange as there use to be a lot of them out in this neck of the woods. I hope that they do not become extinct since we need them for pollination and I will miss honey, if there were to be no more bees. Our carrots and beets may not be as great as well, but we still have a bit more time before we have to take them out of the garden and till it over for the year.

The days are now getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Eventually it will be October and I love all that fall has to bring us.

Not sure where we will be by December, since my partner has now become a certified maintainer/wireman for the Canadian Pacific Railway and he will be bidding on a position in November. As much as I don’t want to move we will for the sake of him having his job.

Any-who time for me to think about pie baking again and gift planning for the Christmas season, only 3 months left to do all that planning.

New Home, New Things

Been a while since I posted anything on here. Well what to say we have moved again to hopefully this time help the financial problems we were facing in our little family. We are living in an area where I grew up as a child, so for me is it going back to my roots and more of a comfortable place to be. There is lots of things to be done to bring this house back to life after years of other tenants neglect.

We have so far repainted the inside of the house and now we are working on the outside. We have started to re-stain the deck and will eventually repaint the garage and fence. Plus we are making a spot for our vegetable garden.

We have really nice neighbours, some whom I have known for a long time and have seen me grow up and some who are new to me. The people around here have changed over the years, as in some have passed away and new people have moved into their homes.

In the town itself it looks very different and there are far too many empty stores than there used to be, which is quite sad really. I hope that they will eventually be filled with something, maybe a few restaurants and clothing stores. Even though the place almost looks like a ghost town it is still my home, and there are still many memories of what the town was like when I grew up, that is why I still hope to see it come back alive.

Christmas Time

Well it is that time of year again. The time to be thankful for all the people that we have in our lives and celebrate with family over food and drink. It is a very magical time of year for me, but this year it has been very trying with my patience and my strength of will. I have been struggling to make sure that my 9 year old son has another amazing Christmas no matter how bad it is. I do not want him to think that Santa is not real nor do I want him to stop believing in the magic that Christmas is to a little child.

Even though there is no snow, there is a few pretty lights at night that make this time of year wondrous and give that little extra sparkle to a smile. I love my family and old and new.

I know it has been a while since my last blog, so I will catch some of you up on a few things. Yes I did do a amazing veggie/herb gardens this year, and yes they turned out a bountiful bunch of yummy goodness, but since then we have moved into a smaller and hopefully more manageable place. And yet again we will be working on a new veggie garden in the back yard this time. Maybe even a tiered one since we have a massive slope and I really don’t like the idea of mowing it with a push mower.

The new place is a lot more homey than the last one. And I am also working part time at a restaurant that is a bakery cafe style sort of place. I like it for the most part, but kinda wish I could just stay at home. I was hoping that with this new place we would be able to put up Christmas decorations since at the old place they would not allow us to, but unfortunately that takes money in which as of lately we have been lacking. So maybe next year if we are in this same spot (hopefully we are I am actually tired of moving about all the time), we will have the funds to decorate this house on the outside so that it will look pretty like some of the other houses in the area.

This week will be a very busy week for us, besides me working, we have last minute gifts to buy and wrap, we have places to travel to and people to spend time with, which will be the best part, besides the food of course. I am really looking forward to spending time with my family cause that is what this time of year is about, not the giving or getting of gifts. It is the time that we share and the memories that we make.

Off to bed for this gal for now. Will post more in the New year I think. Merry Christmas everyone!

And Let the Garden Creating Begin

Sorry folks I haven’t been on here in a bit last week I was occupied with the dirt that I received for my gardening projects. I have been working on the veggie garden so far trying to get it ready for this gardening season as quickly as possible. I have come across a few snags….the first being that I haven been able to get the cedar rails for the outer edges of the garden….and secondly I still haven’t put up the chicken wire to keep the cute little bunnies out. I still need to wait on my other half to help me move some of the dirt to the flower gardens so we can get them all looking the way they should right now and there are a lot of plants that will need to dug out and then re-planted after the dirt is put down on these gardens. So much work and for a home that I don’t even own.Image

As for my 24 day ab challenge I had to stop that I got to day 12 and found that it wasn’t really doing anything. I saw no results and this was half way through it! You would think you would see something. Oh well I will just have to figure out some other exercise routine or wear a full piece retro style swim suit this year. I am not the only person who is feeling a bit more fuller on the belly side of things, so I don’t feel so bad.

Time To Start a new Routine! Day one!

Today I started a 25 day AB Challenge, to see if these things actually work. SO far I have been able to manage the start of it with ease, maybe by day 25 I will start seeing the results. I am also thinking that I may start taking a herbal pill that has Garcinia Cambrosia in which is suppose to produce energy and stop the production of fat. Lets see if I can get my wobbly bits on my body to say bye bye for a while. I really would like to fit into smaller clothes and look amazing in a bikini, like I did before I got married the first time round. 

I know that it will take a lot of will power to do this, because I am not use to doing an exercise routine. I really don’t eat unhealthy, but need to start eating more veggies and fruit, less carbs and grains. I should go to a natural pathologist, but don’t have that sort of cash to do that. Besides I know what I need to do. I use to be an all natural nothing overly processed kind of gal but have gotten lazy over the years. 

I also need my spouse to be on board with me doing this too. I know that he can be supportive at times….well most times. SO maybe he will be happy for and want to take part in this too. It will both help me out to keep motivated and him to keep in shape when he is home from work those 6 days.Image


Each Week I will post pics of my progress with this new journey. Maybe then my self esteem will build with this as well. I know I haven’t been feeling the best about myself, since I gained more weight this winter while I was working at the Chinese restaurant. I am hoping that not only will my abs look amazing, but I get more energy as well with this. So far I have completed the first days crunches, leg raises and planks. Who knows maybe I will continue on with this to keep the results. Would be a good thing I think. Cheers all. 

April Showers is the Saying

Gotta love rain in April, I only hope that next month it will start warming up a bit more so I can start getting the veggie garden and flower gardens started or on the go. I have so many plans for them this year. I would love to plant so many things. My focus is on the veggie garden as I plan for is to have some fresh veggies from it. The plan is to do a raised garden, because a traditional one is not going to work well for the soil that we have in the area of which I am currently living. There is a lot of clay and about two feet under that is solid limestone bed rock. 

So my plan is to go to my spouses grandparents and harvest some cedar posts. I heard that cedar is great for deterring some critters from entering into the garden, plus its free….which is a bonus. I plan to dig down at least a foot into the ground and start placing some cedar rails into the ground as well as putting in a wall of chicken wire (to keep the bunnies, as well as other furry little animals out). I will build the wall of the garden up to only about 3-4 feet above ground, that way the roots of all the plants have a place to go, as well as my being able to plant tuber type plants (potatoes, beets, carrots, etc) also. 

Of course I will have to create a door for myself and my family to be able to get in and out of this garden of ours. Once the walls are all built I plan to get a dump truck load of soil delivered (the garden is going to be 4′ X 10′). This should do the veggie garden and the flower gardens (which will also have cedar rails edging it as well). I will also have to get some manure from either a farmer or the store (most sell different types these days), to mix into the soil so it will be full of nourishment for any plant. I have been collecting egg shells all winter and have plenty to go into the garden and will be also getting a compost barrel so we can add that in the next year.

Once the garden is completed I will post pics. i am very excited about doing this….its my big project for the spring/summer this year. I also am wanting to create a herb garden around an apple tree that we have coming off off the walkway in our front yard. There is a rock and a tree in close proximity of each other and I envisioned a flower garden there, now I think a herb garden would be terrific there instead. For the herbs in this garden I would like to plant the usual, chives, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, lavender, parsley, cilantro, etc and replant the rhubarb as well.

The flower gardens I would like to plant some flowers that attract butterflies and bees, so the veggies garden will get pollinated nicely. I have to clean the flower garden of all debris from the house reno first. When we first moved in they had just finished the reno on our home. Now I continue to find all sorts of glass and nails. So once that is cleaned up we can redo the flower beds and raise them up as well and put in some soil as well as some mulch, maybe something under the mulch to prevent weeds from growing up in the flower beds. We shall see. So much still to be done and only a month to do it all. Thank goodness I have all the time in the world at the moment to do stuff like this.That is all for now. 

My First Blog

Hey folks. Being new to this blogging thing, thought I would start of right, that I am going to try to be interesting to say the least and post mostly about stuff that I am cooking or the gardening that I am working on this year. I might post about the wedding that I am planning to have for the following year as I am still trying to find a spot to have it at. Bear with me as I am new to this and will figure it out I am sure. Cheers everyone!